Sarah Raleigh


Sarah has been a graphic designer for approximately 30 years, working independently since 1995 as art director and co-owner of Raleigh Design with her husband John. Her experience includes the design and production of all types of print collateral for local businesses and non-profit clients, including identity systems, brochures, booklets and books, packaging, and tradeshow graphics. Sarah has also been responsible for multiple proposal design and production projects for international transportation companies. Previously to 1995 Sarah worked for a variety of companies in the greater Boston area, including Target Marketing (Amergent)’s Design Department, where she was responsible for the design of direct-mail membership materials for nationwide zoos and aquariums, the New England Aquarium’s Exhibit Design Department, where she assisted in exhibit graphics and print design, and Gillette's PaperMate Package Design Division. Sarah earned a B. A. from U. Mass. Amherst and a certificate in Graphic Design from Mass. College of Art. Sarah is also an award winning photographer and a creative potter.

John Raleigh


John has been a website developer for over 15 years and a photographer for over 40 years and is now head of website development and photographic services, and co-owner of Raleigh Design. John has extensive experience building effective websites for small and large companies. His digital imaging experience is used both in building the websites and in creating perfectly color balanced Giclée prints for artists. As a fine art photographer John has participated in many group and one person shows and his pinhole photography and prints have received international recognition. John has a B. A. from U. Mass. Dartmouth and extensive management experience in the high technology industry. His technology business experience included international business development and management, product marketing, and product development. His hands-on experience in the corporate world contributes to Raleigh Design's success in delivering personalized service to businesses of all sizes.